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Organic SEO

There are 2 ways that your website is found through a search engine such as Google. The first way is inorganic, better known as Pay-Per-Click, and the second way is organic. Portland Web Marketing (PWM) only supports optimizing websites for organic searching, otherwise known as Organic SEO (search engine optimization). The key advantages of Organic SEO are...

  • it's a process that you can develop and maintain yourself,
  • it requires mostly a time investment (something small business owners often have more of than cash), and
  • it's not "all or nothing" (like buying a Yellow Page ad), so you can continuously optimize it.

Ultimately, how your website is ranked by Google is determined by the following factors...

  • "Traffic" - the number of visitors to your website,
  • "Stickiness" - how long a visitor stays on your site,
  • "Key Words" - can key words (search terms) actually be found in the body of a web page, and
  • "In-bound Links" - the number of businesses relevant to your business that link to your website.

Organic SEO is a long-term process, so call Portland Web Marketing today and start developing your organic SEO program!

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