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Drive visitors to your website with

E-mail Campaigns

One of the most cost effective ways to drive business to your website is through e-mail campaigns or E-blasts. If you have your own e-mail list, Portland Web Marketing (PWM) can...

  • design/plan your E-blast campaign (you should send out at least 2 e-blasts per address to be effective),
  • design your E-blast or a template for your E-blasts,
  • set up your Constant Contact account (if you don't have one),
  • upload your E-blast and address list to Constant Contact, and
  • test your E-blast, then send it to your target list.

Or, if you don't have an e-mail list, PWM can...

  • design/plan your E-blast campaign,
  • design your E-blasts or a template for your E-blasts,
  • locate a 3rd party to sponsor the campaign (they mail to their list), and
  • conduct an E-blast

If your website doesn't have Opt-In capability, we can add one of our Contact Us modules to it. This way, visitors to your website can Opt-In to your e-mail list. PWM's Contact Us module will automatically send Opt-In information to...

  1. a designated e-mail address,
  2. Constant Contact account, and
  3. a contact database (we'll add one to your website if the capability exists).

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