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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers make their website the focal point of a fully integrated marketing program. This will allow our customers to...

  • increase the ROI of each marketing dollar they spend,
  • quickly eliminate ineffective marketing programs,
  • simplify the marketing planning process, and
  • maintain better communications with existing customers.

Our Business Philosophy

Portland Web Marketing Corp's (PWM) is a true, one-stop shop for web-based marketing. We focus exclusively on businesses with smaller websites, because their needs are typically different than those of businesses with large websites. We keep our customers closely involved in our work, because it is our customers (not PWM) that are intimately familiar with their products/services, competition, and customers. After all, it is not about what PWM thinks or our customer thinks, it's about what our customer's customer thinks.

Furthermore, we want our customers to have a rewarding experience with their web-based marketing so we...

  • invest time in understanding our customer's business and business objectives,
  • develop proposals based on our customer's target customers, budget, timing, and available materials (artwork, photos, etc.),
  • maintain excellent communications with the customer,
  • complete our website projects on time, and
  • build websites for a fixed price.

To keep website development costs down, PWM integrates previously developed modules (e.g., contact (form and database), FLASH image viewers, fading testimonials, etc.) when ever possible. PWM only develops "custom" code when required.

To keep website maintenance costs down, PWM has developed 2 types of Content Management Systems (CMS).

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Who We Are

Terry Furtado is the owner of Portland Web Marketing, a company that helps you generate more sales by driving more business to your website. Terry is the right person for your web-based marketing, because he is...

  • an uber geek (mechanical engineer and website coder),
  • uber creative,
  • and uber experienced (25+ years of sales and marketing experience, small business owner, etc.).

Terry uses his expertise to help his clients develop a marketing strategy that matches their product/service, market, business size and budget to their business goals. Once the strategy is in place, he helps his clients build a website (or rebuild and existing one) then drive traffic to it.

Terry has worked for 2 Fortune 500 companies (Intel, Westinghouse), 3 foreign-based companies, 5 start-ups, and 2 real estate companies. While living in the Bay Area, he was a broker for Realty World and the Broker/Owner for Furtado &: Associates. In 2005, Terry brought Geeks On Call (a nation-wide computer service franchise) to the Portland/Vancouver market. During his 3 years of ownership, his team of technicians serviced over 2,500 customers and made over 5,000 service calls.

Terry grew up, went to school, and cut his professional teeth in Silicon Valley, before moving to Portland in 1993. He graduated from San Jose State in 1981 with his BS in Mechanical Engineering and from Santa Clara University in 1985 with his MBA (marketing).

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